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Why diabetics are so much harder to heal from COVID-19

Moreover, this applies to diabetics, who have not just high sugar, but a violation of carbohydrate metabolism. According to the expert, if the sugar is increased by more than 6-7 millimoles per liter, blood vessels are damaged, and their inner walls become more permeable. When a person becomes ill with covid, the body responds with an increase in sugar and can provoke “dormant” carbohydrate metabolic disorders, and in the presence of this problem, the risk factor in relation to blood vessels increases.

“If we are talking about COVID-19, then this disease itself is characterized not only by damage to the lung tissue, but also by the endothelium – the inner wall of blood vessels. If it was initially damaged by an increase in sugar, it turns out that a person already has this risk factor, this weak link. The additional effect of the infection on the endothelium aggravates the situation, ”stressed Elena Shchetinina.

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