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Why buying in LUNC is increasing instead of Shiba Inu

Crypto Influencer David Gokhshtein explains why some people have increased buying into LUNC and who they could be. Earlier he had called LUNC like a lottery ticket. He believes that this token of the Terra Luna blockchain is a recovery from the huge drop in its native coin a few months ago. And there are large number of speculators who want to make quick profit among those who buy it.

Gokhshtein in a post on Twitter Told That LUNC is trending day by day and SHIB is trending continuously. Gokhshtein, a supporter of Shiba Inu, complains that LUNC is also trending day by day. On his post, a Twitter user said that he would like to see SHIB trending instead of LUNC. On this Gokhshtein said that there is nothing in the LUNC project. Earlier in a tweet, he asked users not to tag him on Twitter about LUNC. Gokhshtein believes that it is like a lottery ticket. He said that it is like the old game of musical chairs, in which when the music stops, each person has to find a chair to sit on but the number of chairs is always one less than the number of people.

He explained that the person who does not have the chair in the musical chair with LUNC will have a large number of these tokens. Gokhshtein is bullish about SHIB. Earlier in April he said that he sees SHIB going to $0.001 but it won’t reach a dollar. He often tweets about this token. However, he did not specify the number of tokens he holds.

The team of Shiba Inu has introduced the game related to it, Shiba Eternity. With this the interest of Ethereum whales has increased regarding this token. Data from WhaleStats Shows SHIB is the Most Used One for Its Big Holders smart contracts is included in. Ethereum whales tend to intensify their buying when new information about the Shiba Inu emerges. SHIB is also being accepted by many retailers as a payment option.

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