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Why brown rice is good for you

She said brown rice is rich in B vitamins, selenium, and choline, a fat-like substance necessary for the membranes of cells in the nervous system. There are different types of unpolished rice: wild, black, red, brown and others.

At the same time, polished rice is also useful. It doesn’t have a lot of calories, but it is a source of energy. There are also several types of polished rice: parboiled, basmati, jasmine. The specialist advised mixing different types of rice to obtain as many nutrients as possible from them.

But the main thing, as Chekhonina noted, is that rice goes well with fish. There is a lot of selenium in rice, and in fish – iodine, the good absorption of which is promoted by selenium.

“They complement each other perfectly in terms of their beneficial properties and chemical composition. Saltwater fish is rich in iodine. And iodine is very well absorbed in the presence of selenium, which, by the way, is abundant in unpolished rice. Both iodine and selenium are essential for our thyroid function. And selenium contributes to better assimilation of iodine, ”the nutritionist emphasized.

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