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Why babies get coronavirus less often than adults

Infants’ immune systems have a reputation for being weak compared to adults, but that may not be entirely true, the researchers say. Infants often have respiratory problems, but unlike adults, children are exposed to these viruses for the first time.

In a new study, scientists have equated the immune systems of children and adults and tested their ability to respond to a new pathogen, eliminating any contribution from immunological memory. The researchers took T cells that had never met the pathogen from infants and adult mice. The cells were placed in an adult mouse infected with the virus.

In the competition to fight the virus, infant T cells won out easily. Scientists have come to the conclusion that this may explain the situation with COVID. “SARS-CoV-2 is completely new to everyone, so now we see a natural comparison of the immune systems of adults and children. And children feel much better, ”the experts summed up.

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