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Why are there small lines below the F and J buttons of the keyboard, their purpose is very special, very few people know.

New Delhi. There was a time when work in offices was done in files. But, soon this changed and people started working on computers. Nowadays, big files remain present on the computer only. Not only offices, nowadays education in schools and colleges is also being done on laptops and computers. In such a situation, the use of laptops and computers has increased significantly. In such a situation, if you also use laptop and computer, then you would know that it comes with QWERTY keyboard. You may not have noticed that F and J buttons are special in the keyboard. Because, small lines are made below them. Very few people pay attention to these lines. Many people do not even know what these lines are for.

In computer system, keyboard is used for giving inputs and commands. This keyboard is designed in a special way. So that people can use it easily and do their work faster. In this keyboard, small lines are given below the F and J buttons. Even people who have been using the keyboard for years do not notice this bump. Even those who have paid attention do not know its purpose. In such a situation, let us tell you here.

So the lines on the F and J buttons are:
A slight bump is given at the bottom on the F and J buttons to help the person typing in positioning his left and right hands without looking at the keyboard. You may find this bump normal. But, this bulge helps in improving typing speed and accuracy. The middle row in the keyboard is called the Home Row Key position. As soon as you place your left and right hands on the F and J keys, you will find that it becomes much easier for you to access the keys.

By getting the hands in the right position in the middle line, it becomes very easy to move in the upper and lower lines. Placing the fingers here your left hand covers A, S, D and F. Whereas, the right hand covers J, K, L and colon (;). At this time both thumbs remain on the space bar. So now you must have understood why a slight bump is given at the bottom on the F and J buttons.


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