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Why are Lada Granta with a power reserve of 1000 km only sedans? There’s an answer

Bi-fuel Lada Granta, capable of running on both methane and gasoline, are produced by the ATS-Auto company from Togliatti. Moreover, it is a direct partner of AvtoVAZ. It was logical to think that any version of Granta could be reworked (installation of gas-cylinder equipment), but ATS-Auto only re-equips sedans. Why?

It’s simple – it’s a matter of demand. According to the head of ATS-Auto, Alexei Suchkov, the main customers of the dual-fuel Granta are corporate clients and taxi companies that demand sedans. Nothing prevents the company from producing bi-fuel station wagons or VIS-2349 trucks, but there is no demand for them.

We made a couple of prototypes [ВИС-2349] – this is a very narrow segment where you can sell. It all depends on the volume, making a hundred cars a year is impractical, because certification of each modification costs a lot of effort and money.“, – said Alexei Suchkov.


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