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Why are hybrid cars becoming people’s choice? Special connection with electric car

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Hybrid cars are easier to use than electric carsImage Credit source: tv9 bharatvarsh

The demand for hybrid cars is increasing rapidly not only abroad but also in the country. Recently, last year’s car sales figures in America have been made public. In which hybrid cars are becoming people’s choice instead of electric cars.

Along with this, if we look at the data of FADA in the country, between January 2023 and November 2023, the sales of hybrid cars have increased more than electric cars. Experts consider the rising price of petrol and diesel and the cost of electric cars to be a major reason behind all this.

According to the report of automotive service company Cox, Americans bought a record 12 lakh EVs last year. This resulted in 46% growth and 7.6% share in total sales. According to online car shopping giant Edmunds, sales of hybrid cars increased by 65% ​​during this period to more than 12 lakh. At the same time, their market share also increased from 5.5% to 8%. Analysts say that the cost of EVs and concerns about public charging are turning customers towards hybrids. A large number of people cannot charge the battery at home.

Left EV behind due to better performance in less fuel

Hybrid cars are being liked due to less fuel and better performance. Strong hybrid cars have two sources of power (petrol and battery) and their fuel efficiency is 40% higher than petrol cars. The same trend is visible in India also. According to FADA, 3,11,209 hybrid and 74,827 electric cars were sold in the country during January – November in 2023. That means the sales of hybrid were almost four times more.

At the same time, in hybrid cars one is not forced to plug in at the pump for hours or plan to hang around only near charging stops. If there is savings then that is different. Their batteries are much smaller and cost much less than all EV batteries. Due to this, companies like Hyundai, Ford, Kia and Toyota in America are offering more hybrid options for those customers who are not ready for all EV. They control 90% of America’s hybrid car market. Ford, GM, Volkswagen and Honda are also investing in this technology.

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