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Why American tanks will be useless in case of war in Europe

The modernized version of the US main battle tank is distinguished by the presence of new electronic processing units with information output to the commander and gunner monitors. In addition, the vehicle has an updated control system, which also acts as a control system for the use of weapons. The Abrams is also capable of using electronic warfare and high-resolution thermal imaging sights, and also finds “alternative routes of movement, for example, in the event that the enemy destroys bridges and other transport arteries.”

At the same time, some experts believe that the United States is not entirely right, endlessly modernizing the old tank. If the Abrams was useful in the wars in the Middle East, then it is unlikely to be suitable for the East Asian and European theaters of war. It’s all about the weight of the car, which is already more than 63 tons. For example, in Poland bridges are simply not adapted for the movement of such heavy equipment on them.

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