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Why a 2K monitor may be enough for gaming today

Today, according to a Zelot user, it is not at all necessary to purchase a 4K monitor to enjoy games. The most optimal solution would be a monitor with a 2K resolution. The reasons for this choice are in the material.

The author writes that he recently purchased a Samsung Odyssey G5 LC32G54T to replace the failed monitor. This is a 2K model, not 4K, which is what many are now striving for. Why exactly this resolution? The user names several reasons.

  1. Price… It was this point that became the first of all that the author was guided by. It was important to spend not so much money on a monitor, but at the same time not to buy a low-quality cheap product. And 2K monitors are not as expensive as 4K.

  2. Large screen… As a result, the display has a diagonal of 32 inches. And the author switched from a 24-inch model.

  1. Display resolution… It took more than a month to choose a device in accordance with this parameter. As a result, the author settled on 2K, and with the GeForce RTX 2070 Super video card, now even at the highest settings there are no slowdowns in games.

  2. Curved Series… This refers to curved monitors. It was they who aroused the interest of the user.

  3. 144 Hz… Previously, the author had a monitor with a frequency of 75 Hz. The main goal was to feel the difference in games.

As a result, the user’s impressions of the new 2K monitor turned out to be twofold. On the one hand, he admits that he is satisfied with the purchase. On the other hand, not all functions have met his expectations: for example, 144 Hz is not that much different from 75 Hz, just like the curved model from the usual one. The author was really pleased with the screen size and speed. At the same time, the image quality, according to him, has not changed significantly.

The author also compared his 2K monitor to a 4K monitor. In games, there is no difference between them, so it hardly makes sense to spend more on 4K. In addition, there is still very little content in 2K and 4K right now. At the same time, the user now watches films on a 2K monitor, and not on a 4K TV.

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