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Why 5G smartphone is different from 4G smartphones, know today


New Delhi. All the smartphones that are being launched in the market now are coming with 5G connectivity, although some companies are still launching their 4G smartphones. Not only this, there are already many 4G smartphones in the market which are available at an affordable price. In such a situation, the question arises, do these two work in the same way and there is no difference between them. If this question is arising in your mind, then today we have brought the answer for you so that you can understand how 5G smartphones are different from 4G connectivity smartphones.

Why 5G smartphone is different from 4G

5G networks offer typical download speeds of 100Mb/s to 400Mb/s on sub 6GHz networks and about 1Gb/s on mmWave networks. This is much faster than the 10Mb/s to 50Mb/s typically offered by 4G networks.

Let us tell you that 5G smartphone offers you high data transfer download speed. Now you can do all the things that you could not do before. You can stream 4K and even 8K videos on your smartphone, tablet or computer without any buffering.

Apart from faster data download speed, the data transfer time is less in 5G than in 4G. This means that the time between you hitting that download button and the download actually starting is much less than on 4G networks.

Since 5G has more network capacity than 4G, a 5G network can support 100x more traffic. This means that more devices and people can connect using a 5G network than a 4G network.

Due to its radio spectrum capability, a 5G network can serve more users with the same resources than a normal 4G network. More devices and people can simultaneously use 5G networks and other services based on 5G.

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