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Who want to be a millionaire. Electric car fire can now be compensated for up to $ 6.3 million in China

Due to the constant increase in the number of vehicles using new energy sources, special insurance conditions were required for them. On December 13, the China Insurance Association issued a notice of Exceptional Clauses for Commercial New Energy Vehicle Insurance.

These provisions are more adapted to the characteristics of new energy vehicles. Most often, owners of insured electric vehicles are worried about fire. The new bill establishes an exclusive additional insurance for vehicles powered by new energy sources.

Regardless of whether the car is charging or is simply parked and not working, a fire often leads not only to the loss of this vehicle, but also to injury and damage to your own or someone else’s property. This fire could damage other vehicles or set the house on fire. Often the amount of insurance does not cover the damage caused.

In connection with fires of vehicles on new energy sources, special insurance is introduced. For a normal car fire, there is a maximum payout of $ 1.57 million. However, in special cases with injuries and damage to someone else’s property, this amount can be increased by 2, 3 or 4 times, that is, the maximum payment of the insurance company can be up to $ 6.3 million per fire.

The main thing is that this does not become a reason for fraudsters to try to get more compensation with much less “investment”.


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