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Who is stronger: the army of modern Russia or the late USSR?

  1. Russian Aerospace Forces and the Air Force of the Soviet Union… In Russia, Soviet technology was modernized or modified. However, the production rate is very slow: less than one aircraft per year. Unlike the USSR, the Russian Federation also has unmanned aircraft. In general, Russia has 2 thousand combat aviation (in the USSR there were 4 thousand), strategic – 110 units (in the USSR – 162), transport – 400 units (in the USSR – 1.5 thousand), large drones – 1 thousand units, and helicopters – 1.5 thousand (in the USSR – 6 thousand). Both countries received one point each: for the rate of aircraft production – the Soviet Union, for the presence of unmanned aerial vehicles – the Russian Federation.
  1. Navy… In the Russian Federation, the total number of the navy is two times less than in the USSR: there are about 300 large ships, while in the USSR there were about 600 units. Of the Russian-made equipment, there are only 90 units here. As for other types of equipment, the Russian Federation does not have aircraft-carrying ships, although the Soviet Union had 6 units, the number of nuclear submarines in Russia is 47 units (in the USSR -196), diesel submarines – 24 units (in the USSR – about 200 units) … Points are again received by both states: from the Soviet Union it is for the scale of production and combat capabilities, from the Russian Federation – for the presence of high-precision and hypersonic missile weapons.
  1. Combat experience… As for the USSR, this is a victory in World War II, the provision of assistance to North Korea (50s), Vietnam (70s), Afghanistan. Russia had conflicts in the Caucasus, the war in Chechnya, the conflict in South Ossetia. A military operation is still underway to support the Syrian government. In addition, private military companies have begun operating in some African countries. An additional point on this criterion goes to the RF.
  1. Combat tactics… Russia inherited tactics from the USSR. At the same time, the Russian Federation adopted the experience of the Americans, which is to ensure air and missile superiority (technical advantage as the main condition for victory). In addition, the Russian military has already created many tactics for dealing with regular troops and terrorists. In general, the Russian army is more “compact”, but in its capabilities it is more limited than the Soviet one. Among the advantages of the Russian army is an increase in the number of privates and sergeants serving under contract, the emergence of mercenaries. For this, the country gets another point.

As a result of the comparison, the USSR scored 5 points, and Russia – 4 points. Both in Soviet times, and now there is a “cold war” with the United States, but if earlier the equipment was comparable in characteristics of both countries, now the Russian one is significantly inferior to the American one. In addition, China is now playing an important role in the military sphere. The most important differences between the armies of the USSR and the Russian Federation are production capacity, the rapid development of science, the total size of the armed forces of the Soviet Union and a smaller size, lower costs of maintaining the army, the availability of better missile systems and rich combat experience in Russia.


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