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Who has superimmunity to coronavirus

Scientists from the United States have found out in which cases people develop “superimmunity” to COVID-19.

The authors of the new work wanted to assess the levels of antibodies after vaccination and infection in vaccinated people. The study took place from January 31 to August 18, 2021. It was attended by 26 fully vaccinated Pfizer and BioNTech health workers who were subsequently diagnosed with COVID-19. Before vaccination, they did not get sick. There was also a control group of 26 people who received two injections, but did not get sick after vaccination.

It is noted that those people who got sick, although they were vaccinated, had mild symptoms. As a result, it turned out that they had an increased level of humoral immunity after a breakthrough infection. In addition, the blood plasma of the vaccinated patients showed improved cross-neutralization.

That is, infection with SARS-CoV-2 after vaccination caused “superimmunity” against subsequent possible infections with the virus, including dangerous strains.

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