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While playing Holi, your smartphone can get damaged due to discoloration, clean it in minutes with ‘these’ tips

New Delhi: One of the important festivals of Hinduism Holi (Holi 2022) This festival is being celebrated today. After Holi, the excitement of Dhulivandan is also seen among the people. Children and adults alike enjoy the festivities. Apart from this, friends, relatives, etc. also come together and make a splash of colors. However, there are some special things that need to be taken care of while playing Holi. It is important to take care of electric gadgets while playing Holi. It is important to keep the smartphone safe. If paint or water gets lost while playing Holi, the smartphone may be damaged and this will cause you huge financial loss. This color can damage the phone. However, even if your phone is damaged by the color, there is no reason to worry. You can easily remove this color with simple tips and it will not damage the smartphone.

Use a cleaner containing alcohol

No matter how much care is taken while playing Holi or scattering colors, the smartphone still gets colored. In that case, if you do not use a cover or a waterproof pouch, your phone may be damaged. If you want your smartphone to look new again, you can use a cleaner with alcohol. This will easily remove the color from your phone and make the handset shine like before. It also destroys the bacteria and viruses on the smartphone. Therefore, if you use a cleaner containing alcohol, the color on the phone will fade.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes with alcohol are available in the market and their price is very low. You can use it to clean the smartphone and it will make the handset shine again. It is mainly used for dusting. However, you can also clean the paint on the smartphone. This will allow the colors on the phone to fade easily. Also, if the phone has a dry color, you can remove the color by using a soft cloth. In the meantime, if you are celebrating Holi or Dhulwad, take special care of the phone. You can use a waterproof pouch for this.



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