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While getting petrol and diesel in your car or bike, keep these 5 things in mind, you will avoid losses or deception

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5 Things To Check While Refueling Car Bike:
Due to the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel, lakhs and crores of people riding cars or motorcycles are upset. In such a situation, when he goes to the petrol pump to get fuel in his car, he takes care that he does not get cheated and he is giving full money, but there is no less fuel in the car. Actually, this mistrust among customers is common, because it has happened to people at many petrol pumps in small cities as well as in metros that they get 100-200 grams less fuel per liter and everything shows fine in the meter. If such things keep going on in your mind, then today we are telling you 5 such things, which will keep you in mind, then you will not have to be a victim of fraud or loss at the petrol pump.

Keep these things in mind…
Today, whenever you refuel your car and bike, at that time you must see zero in the machine reading, so that you will get an idea of ​​how much fuel has been put in your vehicle. After this, the thing that you have to take care of is that you keep watching the meter while refueling to see if it is suddenly running 0-20 or faster. Actually, the readings at many petrol pumps are tampered with, in which the fuel meter moves at a very high speed. This is a very simple method, where petrol or diesel is stolen at the petrol pump and less fuel is poured into the customer’s car.

Have a receipt…
According to the report of Blog India, quoting the video of Mechanical Tech Hindi YouTube channel, many customers think before getting oil in their car or bike that oil from Indian Oil or Hindustan Petroleum or Reliance is better, then let us tell you that There is a similar arrangement at all petrol pumps, just you have to take care while refueling. You must ask for a receipt while refueling a car or bike, as it contains the fuel amount, fuel density as well as the transaction details. After this, the fifth thing that you should keep in mind is that you should check the fuel density. The fuel density is 720–775 kg/m3 for petrol and 820–860 kg/m3 for diesel.

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