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While driving on a road full of water, follow these easy 6 tricks, your car will never be spoiled

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The rainy season is going on. In such a situation, if you are driving then you may have to be more careful. If you are driving in a flooded area and get stopped in the middle of the journey, it can cause trouble for you. If you see floodwaters on the road ahead, it is better to turn back than go ahead. However, unpredictable weather can put you in a dangerous position before you can safely go off the road. If you want to avoid this situation with driving, then we are telling you tips and tricks for that which can help you. Driving in water should always be avoided. If you have to drive on a road filled with water, then follow the tips given below.

drive to the center

Knowing which part of the road is the safest to drive in the event of a flood is important. So forget about the lens and drive in the middle. Water is lowest in the middle of the road.

take turns with other cars

Making a single lane behind other drivers is safer than splashing water on passing vehicles. The vehicle in front of you can help get the water out of the way so you have a slightly better grip. Also, when the roads are wet, the stress is already high.

Cross only when the water is low

At any speed just 15 cm of water can loose your control. Never try to cross water that rises above the center of your wheels. Including puddles.

drive slowly

The last thing you want to do is not to drive fast on watery roads. If you have to cross water on road then drive car at 1-2 kmph and then drive at 7-8 kms to avoid water in engine.

drive in low gear

Drive in low gear for the safety of the car. If you are driving an automatic car, slow down to stay in first or second gear. Keep your foot on the gas and use the brakes to control the speed.

dry brake

Once you get out of the water, you will have to dry your brakes after going into the middle of the water by applying light brakes while driving at a very slow speed to avoid slips.

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