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While booking IRCTC Tatkal Ticket, click on this option, you will get reservation every time

New Delhi. Many times reservation is not available due to delay in Railway Ticket Booking. In such a situation, many times there is a compulsion to choose the Tatkal Ticket Option. Today we are going to tell you something similar that you will never be able to beat after doing it. Along with this, ticket booking will also become very easy for you. There are many things to keep in mind while booking Tatkal tickets.

Know one thing that timing is the most important role during Tatkal ticket booking. If you are late even by a few seconds, you will not get the ticket. But if your timing is accurate then you will get the ticket for sure. Therefore, before the ticket booking starts, you should complete some things. Before the start of Tatkal ticket booking, you should login IRCTC and sit down.

AC Tatkal ticket booking service starts from 10 AM onwards. Whereas for sleeper class the service starts from 11 am. You have to login in advance to make a booking. Therefore, for AC Tatkal Ticket Booking, you have to login at 9.58 only. Whereas for sleeper class you have to login at 10.58. After going here, you should have already made a master list by going to MyProfile.

The direct purpose of making a master list is that you do not have to try again after the start of Tatkal Ticket Booking. After making a master list, you have to make a travel list. Once the booking starts, you can directly select the master list without entering any details. Within the master list, you see the travel list. Finally you are given the option of payment. You can use both card and UPI payment for payment.

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