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Which state of the country gets the highest subsidy on electric two wheelers, which is the laggard? Know here

Central Government and State Governments had introduced FAME II subsidy to promote electric vehicles.Image Credit source: tv9 bharatvarsh

The demand for electric scooters, bikes and scooties is increasing rapidly in the country. The government’s FAME-II subsidy scheme has a big contribution behind this. Along with this, the state government is also providing subsidy on purchasing electric two wheelers, due to which the demand for electric two wheelers is increasing rapidly.

If you are also thinking of buying a two-wheeler, then we are going to tell you in which state you will get the highest subsidy on electric two-wheeler. FAME-II subsidy is fixed across the country, whereas the subsidy given by the state government varies. In which some states are giving more relaxation, while some are giving less relaxation.

What is FAME II subsidy?

The Central Government had started FAME II subsidy to promote electric two-wheelers and four-wheelers. This scheme was started in April 2019. Budget assistance of Rs 10,000 crore was given for this five-year scheme. This period ends on March 31, 2024. In this scheme, exemption is given by the government on the basis of battery capacity of the electric vehicle. Under Fame II subsidy, a rebate of Rs 21,131 is given by the Central Government on electric two wheeler.

Which state government gives the maximum relaxation

In all the states of the country, Delhi Government and Odisha Government give discount on electric two-wheelers, in both these states, apart from the Fame II subsidy, you will get an additional subsidy of Rs 17,000 from the state government. Apart from the Fame II subsidy, the Assam government gives the highest additional discount of Rs 20,000 on the purchase of electric two-wheeler in the country.

Which state gets less subsidy?

In many other states of the country including the Union Territory of Puducherry, Goa, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, no other exemption other than FAME II subsidy is available from the state government.


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