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Which Russian plane “terrified” NATO countries

The translation of the Popular Mechanics material was provided by Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The authors write that in August 1967, American intelligence was able to get hold of clear photographs of an ultra-high-speed aircraft developed at the Mikoyan and Gurevich design bureau. The car was codenamed Foxbat. Experts became interested in the fighter’s wings and engines. It is noted that the MiG-25 was able to set 29 world records, including an altitude record for aircraft with jet engines – 37,650 meters.

The authors wrote that the “Foxbat ghost” forced the US to make the F-15 faster and more agile. It is noted that the American government was frightened by the threat that the USSR would release an unparalleled fighter. The United States and NATO were concerned about MiG-25 flights in the Middle East in 1971-1972.

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