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Which Muslim country has the weakest currency? A country where India’s ₹100 becomes 50,000 IRR

Weakest Currency: Many people think about the strongest currencies in the world. Usually people’s favorite currency is the US dollar. It should be so, because it is one of the most exchanged currencies in the world. You will be surprised to know that the US dollar is not the strongest currency, but the strongest currency in the world is the Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD). But do you know which country has the weakest currency in the world? If not, today we are telling you.

According to Forbes’ report, information about the world’s currency till March 2024 has been shared. According to this, there is one Muslim country in the world whose currency is the weakest. This country is none other than Iran, the currency here is 500 times weaker than the Indian rupee. India’s ₹1 becomes 504.04 IRR in Iranian Rial. In Iran, you can become a millionaire with Rs 2,000 or the value of Rs 500 can be in lakhs.

Because of this Iran’s currency weakened
The currency of the Muslim country Iran, Rial, is the cheapest currency in the world. There are many reasons behind the weakening of the currency of this country. First of all, after the end of the Islamic revolution in 1979, foreign investors turned their attention away from the country, due to which the currency here weakened. Apart from this, the currency here has also weakened due to Iran’s nuclear program and the Iran-Iraq war. This war caused financial crisis and other political unrest in Iran.

The currency of these countries is the weakest
Western countries have imposed strict economic sanctions on Iran, which is directly affecting Iran’s currency. Apart from this, if we talk about other countries with weak currency, then Vietnam is also included in it. The currency here is Vietnamese Dong, in Vietnam you get 301 VND in exchange of ₹ 1. Apart from this, Sierra Leonean Leone, Lao or Laotian Kip, Indonesian Rupiah and Uzbekistan Som are also very weak against the Indian Rupee.


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