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Which is better: Honor 50 or Realme GE Master Edition?

  1. Sound… In both cases, there is a mono speaker. However, Honor’s sound comes out more balanced.
  1. Vibration… Realme is clearly the leader in this parameter.
  1. Performance… Both gadgets are powered by Snapdragon 778G processor. Their throttling test results were very similar. However, there was a noticeable drawdown on Honor after the 30th minute. In Antutu, too, the indicators were almost identical: Realme got slightly higher points than Honor.

V Shadow Legends Realme can be played on ultra settings, but the frame rate will be unstable – from 45 to 55 frames per second with drawdowns. In general, it is better to run similar games on Honor and Realme at high settings: then the performance will be high and there will be no drawdowns.

The interface is fast, smartphones are generally nimble. However, the Honor 50 felt a bit smoother to the author.

  1. System… For some reason, there is no multi-window mode on Honor, as well as cloning applications. Therefore, Realme is better developed for this parameter.
  1. Autonomy… In both cases, there is a 4300 mAh battery, which makes it possible to work for a day (7 hours of display operation). They also discharge about the same: 1 hour on YouTube – minus 6 percent of the battery, 30 minutes in Legends – minus 15 percent (Realme) and 14 percent (Honor). Charges faster than Realme – in 30 minutes to 100 percent, while Honor 50 in the same time – by 87 percent.
  1. Cameras… On the main camera, photos are obtained both there and there are rather mediocre. But in terms of color rendering, according to the expert, Honor is better. As for the detail, it is similar, however, Honor has problems with this depending on the shooting conditions. The algorithms seem to work better on Honor too. The macro module always gives different results for Realme and Honor, but the wide-angle camera is generally very bad for both gadgets. But the front camera is good: both devices have a good one, although Honor copes a little better with overexposures and portrait mode is also better on it. When it comes to photos in night mode and in automatic mode, Honor clearly wins.

In terms of video shooting in 4K 30 fps, the Honor 50 again bypasses Realme GE. It has better stabilization and color rendering. At 1080P 60fps, the results are similar.

  1. Proximity sensor… It works great on Honor. On Realme it is a little worse, but it is also quite normal, although it does make mistakes.

In general, we can say that after all, the cheaper Realme GE Master Edition justifies its cost, that is, it is inferior in a number of parameters to the Honor 50: in terms of display, video recording, and appearance. Although, at the same time, Realme has advantages: price, vibration motor, mini-jack.

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