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Which foods put too much stress on digestion

Our list opens with coffee. It is not the drink itself that provokes fatigue, but rather its quantity. Drinking one or two cups of coffee a day is considered normal, in this case, the drink invigorates. However, if a person begins to drink more, then instead of a surge of energy, he may feel tired. All because of caffeine, to which a person can become addicted.

According to Chekhonina, foods high in sugar can cause the same condition. She advised sweet lovers to pay attention to dark chocolate, which has a much lower sugar content. Fruit juices and sodas are also on our list. She advised replacing them with vegetable juices.

Fast food rich in carbohydrates gives a strong load on digestion and, as a result, fatigue. The body throws all its energy into digesting heavy, high-calorie foods.

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