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Which bank started Nari Shakti Saving Account, these are the benefits you will get by taking insurance

Bank of India has started a savings account named Nari Shakti. This savings account has been specially designed for women aged 18 years and above. Who have an independent source of income. Many types of facilities have been given to women in this account. Which includes personal accidental cover along with cheap health insurance, locker facility, free credit card, processing fee waiver on loan etc. Let us also tell you what and what kind of benefits women will get from this Bank of India account.

Benefits of Nari Shakti Saving Account

  1. Accidental Insurance Cover: With this account, women get personal accidental insurance cover of up to Rs 1 crore.
  2. Cheap health insurance: Women having Nari Shakti Savings Account can avail discounts on health insurance and wellness products.
  3. Discount on locker facility: Gold and diamond savings bank account holders can avail discounts on locker facilities so that women can safeguard their valuables.
  4. Platinum SB account holders will get free facilities: Account holders with platinum status can avail the benefit of many free facilities.
  5. There will be cheaper interest on retail loan: Women holding Nari Shakti Savings Account will be entitled to lower interest rates on retail loans, making it more affordable and easier for them to borrow.
  6. Waiver of processing fee on retail loan: Women account holders will not have to pay any processing fee at retail, which will reduce their financial burden.
  7. Free Credit Card: Nari Shakti Saving Account Holder women can enjoy the facility of free credit card.
  8. High usage limit on POS: Account holders will get the benefit of high usage limit of up to Rs 5 lakh on POS transactions. This will provide them the facility to make big purchases easily.

This account is no less than a financial tool

Nari Shakti Savings Account is not just a regular savings account. It is a financial tool designed to empower working women with an independent source of income. It provides them an opportunity to become self-reliant and enjoy financial freedom.

Easy access and convenience

If you also want to open Nari Shakti Savings Account, then you can go to any of the 5132 domestic branches of Bank of India present in the country. Here account can also be opened through digital platform.


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