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Where does such intelligence come from in dogs? Study claims – dogs make ‘picture’ in their mind

Whenever there is talk of the most friendly animal for humans, the dog comes on the first place. Dogs are considered to be loyal and understanding animals, which mix easily with people. Now researchers have discovered that dogs form multi-modal images of objects they are familiar with in their brains. Many dogs can easily find a particular toy or object from a pile of things. In a new study in the Family Dog Project at Etvos Lorand University in Budapest, researchers have tried to understand how a dog’s brain imagines their favorite objects.

Lead researcher Shani Dror of the study published in Animal Cognition Told that if we could understand which senses dogs use when searching for a toy, it might reveal how they think about it. The researcher said that dogs use their eyes and nose to search for toys, which means they know how the toy smells or looks like.

Researchers did an experiment for their study. He trained 3 word learner dogs and 10 family dogs. Word learner dogs can learn to name things, but family dogs cannot. Both types of dogs were trained to fetch a toy.

The study revealed that all the trained dogs were able to locate the toy placed between the rest of the objects in the dark and in the light. However, when the lights were turned off, the dogs took longer to locate the toy.

Researchers conducted another experiment in which only word learner dogs participated. The aim was to understand what the dogs think when the toys are named. Study co-writer Dr Claudia Fugaza said the senses dogs use to search for toys have helped them understand what dogs imagine. The study found that dogs recall the sensory characteristics of an object upon hearing its name. They form a multisensory mental image in their brain that helps them locate objects even in the dark.

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