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When son insisted for a car, father made a Rolls Royce out of wood, spent only in thousands, watch video

New Delhi: Rolls Royce Boat Tail Made By Wooden Video: It is said that where there is a will, there is also a way. Also, necessity is the mother of invention. Both these proverbs have been fulfilled by a father in his own way to fulfill the wish of his son. Yes, this story is about a man who made a wooden Rolls Royce car for his son. You must be thinking that after all, how can Rolls Royce, a luxury car worth crores, be made of wood? But it is true that the person spent a few thousand rupees to make such a wooden car, which looks like Rolls Royce’s super luxury car Rolls Royce Boat Tail of Rs 208 crores. Let me tell you this whole story through video.

Trương Văn o is a wonderful person
Trương Vn o, who lives in Vietnam, is a woodworker by profession and also works for Google. Truong is known to the world for his wooden artwork and his social media pages. ND – Woodworking Art But there are millions of followers. This man from Vietnam has made more supercars out of wood for his son and others and has also presented it to the world through videos, which have been seen by millions of people. Watching this 16 minute 11 second video, you will be surprised and think that how many talented people are full of talent in the world, who do anything possible.

68 days to make
It took Truong 68 days to make a copy of the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, considered the world’s most expensive car for his son, in a wooden car, and he has shown it in a video of how he made the wooden car with the smallest details in mind. Rolls Royce is made. Truong has taken care of the mechanical requirements of its wooden car, as well as the wood in cosmetics, tires and all other requirements very well and made it look great. At the rear, they have given a Rolls Royce boat tail-like setup that opens with the remote and you can see the complete setup of the bar.

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