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When Ratan Tata became India’s first such person, the world recognized him as an iron man.


Ratan Tata is one of the most famous Indian billionaires across the world. Known for his intelligence, business acumen and philanthropic work, Ratan Tata has many achievements to his name which are an inspiration for the current generation. Although many people may know the industrialist for his exploits in the business world, what many may not know is that Ratan Tata also did something that no Indian had done in his time. Yes, Ratan Tata became the first Indian citizen to fly the F-16 Falcon fighter jet. Today this matter is also being discussed because his company will manufacture helicopters with Airbus. Which will help in boosting the economy of the country along with providing jobs to several thousand people in the country.

Bengaluru Air Show showed its magic

During an air show in Bengaluru, Ratan Tata got a chance to fly the F-16 Block 50 fighter jet worth more than Rs 400 crore. An elderly industrialist flying a fighter plane was not a common sight and the video of this feat taken in 2007 is enough to attract millions of people even today.

Ratan Tata was the co-pilot of the F-16 fighter plane which was commanded by Paul Hattendorf. The top speed of the fighter jet is more than 2000 km/hr. Ratan Tata was 69 years old during the event.

Ratan Tata spent about 40 minutes in the plane and took control in his hands mid-flight. After this experience, a tired looking Ratan Tata said that he had a lot of fun doing this and felt very good.

After that the historic deal was done

Nearly 10 years after flying the Rs 400 crore fighter jet, Ratan Tata signed a historic deal with Lockheed Martin to produce the F-16 Block 70 in India. With more than 4,500 produced and approximately 3,200 operationally flown by 26 nations today, the F-16 is the world’s most successful multi-role fighter plane to date.



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