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When PM Modi roared in Bihar, Pakistan became ‘Red’, read what he said on the statement of wearing bangles

Narendra Modi Pakistan: Pakistan has expressed strong objection to the statement of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which Modi had said that we will make Pakistan wear bangles. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said that Indian politicians should avoid dragging Pakistan during election rallies. The Ministry of External Affairs said that Indian leaders work to incite nationalist sentiments to gain advantage in elections. In such a situation, anti-Pakistan sentiments arise among the people of India. Pakistan said that this is part of the election strategy but this method is harmful for the relations between the two countries.

According to the report published in Dawn, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said, ‘Indian leaders should stop dragging Pakistan to gain advantage in domestic elections. We appeal for caution in sensitive and strategic matters. We also urge the international leadership to intervene in this issue, as it is a serious threat to regional peace and stability.

Pakistan called Modi’s statement chauvinism
Pakistani Foreign Ministry said that the repeated anti-Pakistan statements by Indian leaders during the election campaign reflects the extremist mentality of India. Such rhetoric reflects the arrogance and chauvinism of Indian leaders. In the statement of the Ministry of External Affairs, it has been emphasized that the leaders of India are taking advantage in the elections by taking the name of Pakistan.

PM Modi had given the statement about wearing bangles in Bihar
In fact, recently Kashmiri leader Farooq Abdullah had said that it is not so easy to take back POK from Pakistan. Pakistan is a nuclear country and she is not wearing bangles. PM Modi responded to this statement during a rally in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Modi said that Congress and its allies see Pakistan’s nuclear bomb even in their dreams. They say that Pakistan is not wearing bangles, hey if we say that they are not wearing bangles then we will make them wear them. We did not know that Pakistan does not even have bangles.

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