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When Maldives’ Muizzu government made serious allegations, India gave such a reply that will be remembered.

Maldives India Conflict : India has given such a befitting reply to Maldives that it will always remember. In fact, Maldives had alleged that Indian military helicopter pilots had conducted a secret operation in Maldives in 2019. Now the Indian High Commission has rejected all the allegations of Maldives. The High Commission said, all the operations conducted in Maldives were conducted in collaboration with the Maldives National Defense Force. In fact, Maldives Defense Minister Ghassan Maumoon had said on May 11 that in 2019, the Indian Army had landed a secret helicopter in Thimarafushi, Maldives.

Maumoon said that I saw the report of the National Security Service of the Parliament Committee, in which this thing has come to light. According to the Indian High Commission, an emergency landing was carried out in Thimarafushi on October 9, 2019, keeping in mind the safety of the crew, but approval was taken from the air traffic control, while Maldives took 11 It was told in May that Indian soldiers had not informed the Maldivian army about the landing.

Maldives does not have capable pilots
At the same time, after the return of Indian soldiers from Maldives, the question also arose as to how the helicopters will be flown now. On this, Maumoon had said that the Maldivian Army does not have capable pilots to operate Indian planes. Some soldiers had started training, but they could not pass the different stages of training. At present there is no person in our army who has a license to fly 2 helicopters and Dornier or who can operate them fully. Actually, Indian soldiers had gone to Maldives during the tenure of former Presidents Mohammad Nasheed, Abdullah Yameen and Ibrahim Mohammad Solih. The job of these soldiers was to train the Maldivian army. However, Maldivian soldiers could not complete the training.

Gave slogan of India out
Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu had raised the issue of expelling Indian soldiers from the country in his election campaign last year. They also raised slogans of India Out. After the victory in the elections, Maldives had set a deadline of May 10 for the Indian soldiers to leave the country, who have now returned to the country.


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