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When driving a car in the cold, steam freezes on the glass? This problem will be overcome by these 5 maneuvers

One problem that worries almost every driver while driving a car in cold is the accumulation of steam on the windshield. When you are sitting inside the car, the cabin heats up and when the cold outside air hits the hot windscreen, the steam freezes. In such a situation, the view ahead becomes blurred and there is a lot of trouble in driving the car. So through this news, we are telling you some such tricks, which if followed will get rid of this problem.

As soon as steam accumulates on the windscreen of the car, you should turn on the heater of the car so that the moisture inside the car can be eliminated. Maintain the temperature of the car’s cabin at 40 ° C for some time, by doing this the humidity of the cabin can be reduced up to 10 times. Apart from this, a button is given to make air flow inside the car, press it. If your car has climate control then this feature is very helpful.

2. Turn on Defogger

A button is also provided with the car to throw air on the windscreen after the humidity of the cabin is low. In such a situation, to mix the temperature outside and inside, press the defogger button given in the car. On pressing this button, direct air starts falling on the windscreen of the car and within a few seconds the frozen steam starts to dissipate and the view becomes clear.

3. Keep the Windscreen Clear

After the steam freezes on the windscreen, handprints and other handprints appear on the inside and outside of the car. That’s why keep your windscreen clean from both inside and outside. Apart from this, running wipers with water and using glass cleaner is very helpful here, it keeps the windscreen clean.

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4. Open the windows

Apart from these maneuvers, opening the window is also a very effective option. Due to this, the temperature inside and outside starts to equalize rapidly and the steam accumulated on the windscreen of the car also starts to dissipate. If it is very cold, even partially opening the window can be done. Due to this, moist air also comes out of the car, which is the biggest reason for steam.

5. Anti Fog Product

If the problem is more in heavy cold, then anti-fog products can be used, they are specially made to deal with this problem. They have to be applied on the windscreen with the help of a cloth and they start doing their work as soon as they dry. Shaving foam is also a strong jugaad, apply it on the mirror and wipe it with a cloth after 2 minutes, by doing this the windscreen remains from the steam.


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