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WhatsApp’s New Green Color Update: Enhanced Interface and Fresh Look Unveiled

WhatsApp in Green Color: New updates continue to appear on the instant messaging app WhatsApp every day. Recently, WhatsApp introduced a new color scheme for its app interface, incorporating more green. This update is gradually rolling out to both iOS and Android users. Notifications for unread messages and the numbers displayed next to the chat list now also appear in green. Previously, the green color appeared slightly darker, but now it’s lighter than before. Let’s explore the changes.

What are the changes in the new update?

  • New color: The overall color of the app has shifted to green, replacing the previous dark green shade.
  • New icons: New icons have been introduced for various features like calls, messages, and status updates.
  • New interface: Changes have been made to several UI elements, including the chat list, contact list, and settings menu.

When was this update released? This update began rolling out in April 2024 and is gradually reaching all users.

How can I get this update? If you haven’t received this update yet, you can obtain it by downloading the new beta version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

What are people’s opinions on this update? Opinions on the new green color vary among users, with some preferring it over the old color while others express reluctance. There are also mixed reactions regarding the new icons and interface.

Can I avoid this update? No, you cannot avoid this update. WhatsApp updates its app from time to time, and it is mandatory for all users to use the latest version.


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