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WhatsApp’s clone app is targeting Indian users, know what it is and how to prevent it


A new malicious version of WhatsApp ‘YoWhatsApp’ has surfaced.
The malicious version is targeting WhatsApp users in India.
In the last two months, more than 3,600 have fallen victim to this malicious version.

New Delhi. India is the largest market for WhatsApp, where about 500 million users use this app. Along with this, India is also included in the countries where the number of Android Trojan detection is highest. Meanwhile, a new malicious version of the popular WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp has surfaced. It is being used to target people from India and other countries. Earlier, a cloned third-party unofficial version of WhatsApp was revealed. Who was spying on people’s chats.

According to reports, this app offers users some features that are not found in its official app. Cybersecurity company Kaspersky says that in the last two months, more than 3,600 have fallen victim to this malicious version.

Triada Mobile Troz Spreads Malware
Russia-based Kaspersky says that its researcher has discovered YoWhatsApp. A new malicious version of WhatsApp has been advertised as a variant that has features that are not even found in the company’s official app. The cyber security company says that this mod spreads ‘Trida Mobile Trojan’. It can also download other Trojans, issue paid subscriptions and steal WhatsApp accounts.

Over 3,600 users affected
Kaspersky says that more than 3,600 users have been affected by the mobile Trojan in the past two months, and most of these users are from India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia. YoWhatsApp is advertised in the Snaptube app and is also distributed through Vidmate. Both these apps are used to download videos from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

How YoWhatsApp Targets
Some users often think that a free WhatsApp does not have enough features and in the greed of more features, they download WhatsApp mode, which gives them more options. This includes custom backgrounds and fonts for chat, bulk messaging, and password-protected logins. Such users do not think that mods can be malicious. To take advantage of this mindset of users, cybercriminals use YoWhatsApp.

Use Snaptube and Vidmat
They advertise malicious YoWhatsAppMod in Snaptube as well as Vidmat app. Since these platforms are used by millions of users across the world. Users do not know that this modified app can be dangerous. From the advertisement of the Snaptube app, it seems that users are not at risk from YoWhatsapp.

Many features available to users
In such a situation, once users have downloaded the YoWhatsApp mode, they are asked to log in to their account on the official app. After logging in, users get a lot of features along with Triada Trojan. The cybercriminals then run malicious payloads on the users’ devices and take hold of their official WhatsApp accounts. Kaspersky says it gives users the ability to steal accounts and receive money from users by signing up for a paid subscription that people are not aware of.

how to stay safe with yovatsapp
The best way to avoid cyber attackers is to install apps from official stores and trusted sources. Check the permissions granted to installed applications. And definitely install a mobile antivirus on your smartphone. Please note that users should download the application only from the official App Store. You may not get as many custom features from the official store, but this will keep you more secure.

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