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WhatsApp will send you to jail! You have not sent this message anywhere, there is a danger of getting caught in legal troubles


  • WhatsApp message sharing can lead to jail
  • Many times mistake happens while sharing the message
  • Always keep these things in mind while sending messages

If you are an admin on a group of WhatsApp or you keep forwarding messages, then you should also take some precautions, otherwise one mistake can even land you in jail. In fact, many such cases have come to the fore in which people have to go to jail due to a WhatsApp message. Today we are going to tell you about this in detail so that you also do not make any such mistake.

Take special care on the group

If you are the admin of a group and any member in your group is sharing such messages which are unethical as well as they are spreading lies or illusions, then you should complain to the IT cell when such messages come because if you do not do this Or if you cover this thing, then you also become a participant in this crime. In such a situation, action will be taken against all those who are associated with the group and if the matter is serious then it may also have to go to jail.

Do not forward controversial messages

If you forward objectionable messages, doing so can land you in jail. Actually, sometimes such messages come on WhatsApp which are completely baseless. Such messages sometimes create confusion among the public. In such a situation, their forward should be stopped and should not participate in it because such messages can entangle you in legal troubles. Such messages are kept in the category of crime and you should avoid sending them further and whoever is sending such messages should stop or if he is doing this again and again then you should complain against him.

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