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WhatsApp will get cool features in 2022, see if anything special will happen


  • WhatsApp will get powerful new features
  • Users’ experience will be much better
  • These have been designed keeping in mind the users.

New Delhi. Meta Instant messaging app owned by WhatsApp It is coming with many great new features in 2022. Last year, WhatsApp introduced many great features on its desktop platform including voice and video calling, disturbing photos and videos, which helped the users. During this, users got a lot of help in working from home, studying from home and working at home without going out. WhatsApp is now retaining its charm by introducing more new features for its users in this year 2022. Let’s know about some of the top WhatsApp features coming in 2022, from WhatsApp Profile Photo, WhatsApp Last Seen, WhatsApp Logout to WhatsApp Edit Reception.

Appearance of WhatsApp profile photo in notification: WhatsApp is about to roll out a very cool feature, in which the profile photo will be shown in the iOS system notification when users receive new messages from chats and groups. However, this feature has been released for some beta testers only on iOS 15 and it is expected that soon it will be rolled out to other users as well.

How to hide WhatsApp last seen from specific contacts: At present, WhatsApp users can hide last seen from all their contacts. But it cannot be done by anyone in particular. But you app is planning to bring users the feature to hide last seen from a particular person or persons, so that users can hide last seen from a particular person and will be visible to other contacts.

Permission to edit receiver when sharing WhatsApp media: WhatsApp is planning to design an interface that tells who you’re sending media to and also allows users to select a new receiver before sharing their media. The new feature is also speculated to allow users to upload media to their status updates while sending photos, videos, GIFs on WhatsApp chats.

WhatsApp message reaction: WhatsApp has given users Facebook And other social networking sites like Instagram have started the feature of reacting to WhatsApp messages with emoji. This feature of Message Reaction lets users initially react to messages using 6 emoji.

WhatsApp Community: Social media messenger WhatsApp groups can be made even larger, allowing users to club up to 10 chat groups under a single community, such as Discord. But this feature will be available only for those admins, through which messages can be sent to all the groups in the community.

WhatsApp Logout: Along with the multi device feature, the WhatsApp logout feature is going to start this year. It allows users to log out of their WhatsApp account from their device, similar to other social networking apps like Facebook and Instagram.

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