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WhatsApp will be closed! This country was threatened to end the messaging service



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WhatsApp Ban: If the Online Safety Bill is passed by the British Parliament, then WhatsApp will stop providing service in Britain. If the bill is approved, the privacy features of the messaging service will become illegal. That’s why the company itself has threatened to stop the service.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy: The world’s most popular instant messaging service WhatsApp is very upset with the movement in Britain. The government here has passed the Online Safety Bill to curb illegal content.Online Safety Bill) is presenting. Providing strong privacy features to users WhatsApp And signal This bill will have a great impact on social media companies like meta The proprietary messaging app said that if this bill is passed, it will stop providing service in Britain.

Earlier Signal has also talked about taking a similar step. Signal President Meredith Whitaker said that she will do everything to keep the service running in the UK, but will not compromise on privacy features. After the online safety bill is passed, companies like WhatsApp will not be able to provide users with privacy features like end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp threatened

WhatsApp head Will Cathcart said that the company would prefer to shut down the service in the UK rather than end privacy features under the Online Safety Bill. The instant messaging platform will stop serving in the UK if the government forces it to reduce privacy features such as end-to-end encryption. Cathcart said that 98 percent of our users live outside the UK, and they do not want the security of the app to be reduced.

WhatsApp opposes the bill

The Online Safety Bill was introduced by former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This bill has been brought to curb content like child sexual and terrorism. However, Meta, which owns WhatsApp, has opposed this bill. The company says that it is not possible to scan content with features like end-to-end encryption.

Heavy penalty for disobeying the law

Cathcart said that WhatsApp has recently been blocked in Iran. We have never seen any liberal democracy do this. Although the method of blocking has not been explained in this bill, but 10 percent of the annual global revenue will be fined for not following the law. Apart from this, a case can also be registered against the officials of the company for not giving Ofcom details.


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