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WhatsApp warns users, do not download fake apps, will make you pauper

  • Highlights
  • WhatsApp has issued a warning to its users.
  • The company has appealed to the users not to download the fake version of WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp has got a fake version named Hey WhatsApp.

New Delhi. WhatsApp has warned its users to beware of fake and malicious versions of WhatsApp. The company is asking to be aware of the fake version of its messaging app. It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps all over the world, which makes it easy for scammers to trick users through different techniques.
Will Cathcart, CEO of the instant messaging app, has urged people on Twitter not to use the modified version of WhatsApp, as it can put users in big trouble.

The WhatsApp chief has tweeted saying that the company’s security team has found a malicious version of WhatsApp, named ‘Hey WhatsApp’, which offers the latest features outside the Google Play Store. Will warns that this scam is perpetrated by Hemodes to steal personal details from a person’s mobile system, and that the fake app is only available for download through third-party third-party sources.

features like whatsapp
Fake version of WhatsApp has the same features as WhatsApp. Keep in mind that they do not offer the end-to-end encryption feature that you get with the original version of the messaging app. It helps to keep your chats and personal data secure, so no one can access your details, not even WhatsApp.

Fake version not showing on play store
The new fake version of WhatsApp is not visible on the Play Store, but users who are trying to download it from unofficial sources should be cautious before installing this fake app on their phone. People are advised to download the official version of WhatsApp only through the company’s website or through trusted app stores like Google Play Store.

WhatsApp in preparation for taking action
Cathcart said on Twitter that we will definitely continue our efforts to detect and block these types of apps. We are also taking enforcement action against HeyMods to prevent future harm and will explore legal options to hold HeyMods and others like them accountable.

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