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WhatsApp users Alert! Bank accounts getting emptied like this, don’t fall for this bluff

New features are constantly coming to WhatsApp. The payment feature that came a few days ago is also very useful. Users just have to scan a QR code, enter the amount and the money will be transferred. However, due to the ease of the process, now the eyes of fraudsters are also on it. Some scammers are using the QR code system to commit crimes, and may dupe you. 

What is WhatsApp’s QR Code Scam

QR code is understood as an easy method of online payment. But through this fraudsters are also working to fool people. If you sell something, fraudsters pretend to buy your product. After this, they share a QR code with you on WhatsApp. 

They ask you to scan it through Google Pay or any other UPI-based application so that the money can be credited to your bank account. By obeying the fraudster, instead of getting you money, the bank account becomes empty. Actually, as soon as you scan the code, it will ask you for MPIN and money will be deducted from your account. 

What to Avoid
1. For those who do not have much knowledge of online payment, then it is always better to either know about it or deal in cash.

2. When you need to make a payment to someone, you should always double-check the name or UPI ID after scanning a QR code on WhatsApp and then make the payment. 

3. Always keep in mind that MPIN will never have to be entered to call money. It will be entered only when payment is to be made from your side.


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