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WhatsApp Tricks: Now send WhatsApp messages without typing, this feature will help you, see Details


  • Send a message to WhatsApp without typing
  • An abandonment trick will work
  • With the help of Google Assistant, things will get easier

Navi Delhi: Nowadays WhatsApp Everyone uses. If you are also using Android smartphone then today we are going to tell you a very useful trick. With this trick and you can send and hear messages with the help of Google Assistant. This feature helps users a lot. Especially when a person is busy at work and cannot type a message.

How to send a message at such a time? This is a big question. But, there is no need to take tension anymore. Because, with the help of Google Assistant WhatsApp We will give you detailed information on how to send a message. If you want to know how to send WhatsApp messages with the help of Google Assistant, you need to follow the steps given below.

To you Android You have to touch and hold the Home button on the mobile or tablet and then Hey Google Have to say. After that you have to send a message to the name of the person whose number is saved in the smartphone. Once the voice assistant recognizes the contact, you will be asked to select the app to send the message.

When you select the default messaging app from WhatsApp, after selecting the app, Google Assistant will ask you for a message, then tell and send the message you want to send. The thing to note here is that if you pause for a long time in the message, the assistant will stop listening. After that the voice assistant will repeat your message, if your message is correct then say yes. Google Now will read your message again before sending it.

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