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WhatsApp Tricks: If you want to hide your name from your friends on WhatsApp, use ‘this’ abandonment trick.


  • WhatsApp has introduced many features this year
  • You can change the name with Invisible Text in WhatsApp
  • You can hide your name to maintain privacy

New Delhi :WhatsApp Has provided a large number of facilities this year to enhance the user experience. And one of them is to keep the user’s name invisible. There are many tricks in the application for the convenience of the users, but most of them are not used yet. This time we are going to tell you a simple and easy trick, with the help of which you can also get your name in WhatsApp. Invisible Text Can make changes with.

Use this trick:

Even if WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to leave their names blank, you can hide your name or keep it blank to keep your privacy simple. In addition to sending invisible text, you can change your name with invisible text to protect your identity. Follow these steps to keep your name invisible on WhatsApp.

See the steps to make your name invisible on WhatsApp:

First open Whatsapp on your mobile and PC. Then copy these two symbols. Symbols:. Then go to Settings option in WhatsApp. Tap on your current WhatsApp name and then the pencil icon. Now remove the arrow (⇨) and tap OK to change your name. Your name will be invisible on WhatsApp.

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If someone adds you to a WhatsApp group, that person will not be able to see your name unless you add that person as a contact. In a while you will see the updated name. WhatsApp takes a while to update.


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