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WhatsApp Trick: Secretly See Anyone’s Status, Your Name Will Not Come In Seen

New Delhi. WhatsApp Tips And Tricks: WhatsApp Status works just like Facebook and Instagram Stories. Stays on Status for 24 hours and you can add as many status updates as it is with Stories on the other two platforms (Facebook and Instagram). If you put a story on WhatsApp status, then all the contacts can see it. You will also know who has seen your status. Today we are going to tell you about such a WhatsApp trick, by which you can see WhatsApp status and the person in front will not even see your name in the scene. Let’s tell how…

Here’s how you can see your friends’ WhatsApp status posts without them knowing:

– Go to WhatsApp Settings
– Now, navigate to the Accounts tab
– Tap on Privacy and scroll down to the Read receipts option
– Toggle this on to prevent people from viewing their chats and WhatsApp statuses

You will not even know how many have seen your status

The interesting thing about this option is that it will also hide the views on your status posts which means it will not be possible for you to see who has viewed your WhatsApp status. You can always go back to your settings and turn on read receipts to get things back to normal. 

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