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WhatsApp to Automatically Edit Your Photos with Meta AI Feature

WhatsApp Introduces AI-Powered Photo Editing

The popular messaging platform WhatsApp has recently started rolling out its Meta AI feature. This advanced artificial intelligence tool not only functions as a chatbot but also assists users in writing replies and summarizing messages. Soon, it will also enable photo editing directly within the app, revolutionizing how users share images.

Meta AI: The Future of Photo Editing

Editing photos before sending them can be a tedious and time-consuming task. For many, the process of adjusting and enhancing multiple images can be daunting. With the upcoming upgrades, Meta AI will alleviate this burden by allowing users to edit photos quickly and effortlessly. This feature promises to be a game-changer, making photo sharing more efficient and user-friendly.

Early Access for Select Users

WhatsApp typically tests new features in its beta versions, initially granting access to a select group of users. The Meta AI photo editing feature is no exception. Indications of this update are already visible in the WhatsApp beta version on the Android platform. Although the feature is still in development, it is expected to roll out in upcoming upgrades, providing users with the ability to edit photos and even inquire about subjects visible in images.

How the AI Editing Feature Will Work

According to WABetaInfo, a platform dedicated to WhatsApp updates, users will soon have a dedicated button for replying to and editing photos. After uploading a photo in the chat, users can use this button to access Meta AI’s editing capabilities. A preview screenshot reveals a camera icon next to the emoji in the text bar. Tapping this icon allows users to send their photos to Meta AI for editing.

Currently, the feature is under development and not yet accessible, but it is expected to be included in the beta version soon for testing. Once available, this AI-powered tool will significantly enhance the photo-sharing experience on WhatsApp.


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