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WhatsApp Tips & Tricks: Send photos in good quality on WhatsApp with this trick

WhatsApp is one of the largest instant messaging apps in the world. Through this platform, we can talk to other people in text, video and audio formats, send them photos, videos, text, documents etc. WhatsApp is used by millions of users today and it is found in almost every mobile. Today we have brought a new trick for you, which can be very useful for you, so let’s know about it in details.

How to send photos in high-resolution quality on WhatsApp

Actually today we will tell you how you can send images in high quality on WhatsApp. Right now when we share a photo on WhatsApp, it is sent by default in low quality, no matter how great a photo we send. But with the help of the trick we are going to tell, you can send images in high quality. So let’s know the process.

step 1: For this, first you have to open the chat or group in which you want to send photos in high quality.

Step 2: Now tap on the clip icon next to the camera option here.

Step 3: Here you will see many options, in which you have to select the option of ‘Document’.

Step 4: Now find and select the image you want to send in Files.

Step 6: After this you select the image present here and then click on the option of ‘Send’.

Step 7: In this way, the photo selected by you will be sent to the front user in the same quality, no matter how big it is.

This trick is really useful because sometimes we may have to send photos in high quality to someone like if someone has to send the photo of the document itself, then in this way you can send the image in high resolution on WhatsApp. Because when we send a normal photo on WhatsApp, it is sent only in the size of a few KB and it becomes blurry.

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