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WhatsApp tightens control on deepfake videos, users will be able to check in 4 languages

DeepFake: Now there is no need to be afraid of deepfake videos, because Meta has launched a chatbot to check deepfake videos on WhatsApp. Through this chatbot you can check any video anytime in 4 languages.

Apart from film actress Rashmika Mandanna, Sachin Tendulkar and many other celebrities, common people have recently had to face deepfake videos. These videos have harmed the image of these people. Along with this, he also had to face mental stress due to deepfake videos. Actually, when the deepfake video of film actress Rashmika Mandanna was revealed for the first time in the country, many people did not even know about it, due to which many people considered this video of Rashmika to be true, but now the deepfake video. To curb this, WhatsApp’s parent company Meta has geared up and has recently released a helpline in 4 languages ​​on WhatsApp to investigate deepfake videos.

Meta had talked about releasing a WhatsApp helpline to investigate deepfake videos in February 2024, which the company has recently launched. This helpline of WhatsApp supports 4 languages, due to which this deepfake helpline of WhatsApp can be easily used in India. If you want to investigate deepfake videos yourself, then here we are telling you in detail about the use of deepfake videos.

Will support three regional languages ​​including English

WhatsApp’s deepfake helpline will support in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages. If you want to check deepfake videos through WhatsApp in these four languages, then here we are telling you how to check deepfake videos. Through which you can easily investigate anyone’s deepfake video.

WhatsApp introduced deepfake chatbot checker

WhatsApp’s parent company Meta has created a chatbot to detect deepfake videos on WhatsApp. To access this chatbot, you will have to save +91 9999025044 in your WhatsApp account, after which you can easily investigate any deepfake video with the help of this chatbot if needed. Let us tell you that with WhatsApp’s deepfake chatbot, you can investigate deepfake videos in minutes.

Deepfake chatbot will be useful in Lok Sabha elections

WhatsApp’s deepfake checker chatbot will be very useful in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in the country. Actually, there is a high possibility of use of deepfake videos in this election. Political parties can use deepfake videos to humiliate each other. In such a situation, the Election Commission and the general public can easily investigate deepfake videos with the help of WhatsApp’s deepfake chatbot.

WhatsApp deepfake chatbot will provide accurate information

WhatsApp’s parent company Meta claims that its deepfake chatbot will provide users with reliable and accurate information about deepfake videos. The use of this chatbot is also easy because it supports Tamil and Telugu languages ​​along with English and Hindi, so that you can easily check the possibility of any video being deepfake on WhatsApp chatbot.


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