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WhatsApp scam is running in the name of The Kashmir Files, one mistake and the bank account will be empty

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app. Because of this, cybercriminals also keep an eye on it. WhatsApp scam is being done in the name of popular movie. In the name of Kashmir Files movie, hackers are hunting people. 

The message showing Kashmir Files for free is being shared on WhatsApp . Clicking on this link can bring malware to your phone and scammers can take advantage of it. The police has also alerted about this. 

Noida’s Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Ranvijay Singh has told about this scam in details. Regarding this new WhatsApp scam, he has said that Kashmir Files is sending a fake link to the users in the name of the movie. 

Clicking on which will not download the movie, but cybercriminals can hack your smartphone and empty the bank account associated with that phone number. According to the news agency PTI, he told that this type of case is quite common. This is being scammed in the name of the movie. 

To avoid such scams, WhatsApp users should avoid clicking on unknown links being shared on social media or apps. If an unknown person has shared the link then the danger increases even more. 

Users should not download the files given on any unknown link. This may install malware on your phone. Never share your personal details like Aadhaar number, name, address, PAN number on any unknown site.

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