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WhatsApp Scam: Don’t accidentally reply to ‘this’ message on WhatsApp

New Delhi: WhatsApp is widely used all over the world. WhatsApp is a multimedia messaging app. So it is in great demand. With so many people active on WhatsApp, many are trying to take advantage of it. But, you have to be careful in time. Currently many people are trying to commit fraud in the name of WhatsApp. Now there is information about a big fraud going on under the name of WhatsApp. Learn the details.

How fraud is happening in the name of WhatsApp
Currently a new method is being adopted for cyber fraud. Fraudsters are texting in the name of WhatsApp support. People think that the company itself is contacting them and informing them. These scammers are sending messages to people in the name of WhatsApp support. It also has a web link. Clicking on it opens a form. In which users are asked to fill in their private information. If you open this link and fill in the information, then you have been deceived.

Verified profile is being used
These people are so smart that they are using verified accounts to cheat. In fact, they are using a WhatsApp business account for this. So they have been verified by WhatsApp. Now people are getting messages in the name of WhatsApp support. However, WhatsApp never sends such messages to users. Users are not asked for their private information even if a message is sent from any feature. So if you come across any such link, delete it immediately. Also let others know about it. Make sure you and others are not deceived.



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