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WhatsApp Scam Alert: Did you get the message of Hi Dad or Mum? this mess is going on

This type of fraud going on on WhatsApp can happen to you too. If you do not take care of these things. You can save yourself from this scam.

WhatsApp Scam Alert: WhatsApp is currently the most used messaging app in the world. However, now the news of a huge scam has come to the fore regarding this app. People use this app as needed. In such a situation, the number of scammers on this app is also increasing. On this app, people share their photos, videos and documents with each other. But it can also become the cause of a fraud with you. Learn about…

Nowadays scammers have played a new bet. They are sending the message of Hi Mum or Hi Dad to the users, and then asking for money from them. Many more such scams have come to the fore in the past as well. Many people have also suffered huge losses due to these messages, because people sent money without confirming it.

Thousands of people became victims of fraud

This type of fraud has been seen a lot in Australia. Many Australians have lost lakhs of rupees in such scams. Even if we leave out its older figures, this year more than 57 crore people have lost their lives.

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This fraud can happen to you too

To trap people, scammers message them in the name of their child or a family member. They make every effort to make users believe that their phone is broken or lost. Or are they in some big problem. After this, they make every possible effort to extort money from the users. In this, he also talks about the danger of his life, due to which the users get trapped in his words by getting nervous. After this, by sending a bank detail, you are asked to send money to it.

Avoid such scams like this

Be alert for any unknown calls or messages that message by pretending to be your acquaintance.

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  • You can also check the user’s DP and other details by going to About.
  • Before sending the money, ask the person in front to send some of his personal details to you. With this you will be able to check by looking at their details whether that person is real or someone is doing scam.
  • Do not share OTP with anyone, even if the person in front is your acquaintance. Do not share your OTP with him.
  • If you are suspecting WhatsApp account and feel it is fake, then you can also report it. Due to this, a person will be saved from getting trapped in its trap in future.


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