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WhatsApp introduced ‘Bol Behen’, girls will be able to take health counseling by writing Hi on this number

WhatsApp has announced a chatbot for teenage girls in association with the non-profit organization Girl Effect. The name of this artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbot is ‘Bol Behen’. With the help of this chatbot, girls will be able to get advice about their health. The chatbot is designed to guide girls about their reproductive health, sexuality and relationships. Apart from English and Hindi, this chatbot can also be spoken in ‘Hinglish’.

How to talk to ‘Bol Behen’ chatbot

The user on WhatsApp on the number +91-7304496601 or its profile on the web You have to go and send it by typing ‘Hi’. After this the chatbot can be talked to. WhatsApp has said that the new chatbot targets teenage girls and young women living in the country’s Hindi belt, who typically use smartphones with limited internet bandwidth.

It is estimated that this chatbot will reach millions of girls across the country, so that they can know about their health concerns and concerns. Girl Effect first launched the Bol Bahan chatbot on Facebook Messenger in the year 2020. There it had about one lakh conversations and it got 16 lakh messages. This chatbot is inspired by the chatbot named ‘Big Sis’ being used in South Africa.

Kanishk Kabirraj, Country Lead, Girl Effect, India, said, “The technology of WhatsApp gives us an opportunity to build a connection between girls and the health services they need. He said that this will help us to provide more comfortable and personal health service in future. Appointments can be booked for girls. Reminders can be sent and their feedback regarding Bol Behen can also be taken.

Download Link

Girl Effect, works in Africa and Asia. It communicates information to girls and women through chatbots, chat shows and TV dramas. Girls are given information about their body and health. Obviously, girls will benefit from the integration of this chatbot with WhatsApp and they will be able to get counseling about their health.


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