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WhatsApp has launched many features, 32 people can join on group voice call

WhatsApp Update Features: Instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps updating itself and launching new features every day to give maximum convenience to its users. This time WhatsApp has introduced many such cool features which will give a different experience to the users. Among the features that WhatsApp has started are the communities feature and the facility to add more people in group calls.

Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Meta, has given information about the new features in his Facebook post. He told that the trial of the new Communities Feature has been started. This will make it easier to manage all the chat groups and find information.

Communities Feature
Mark Zuckerberg wrote in his post, “The way we communicate online is changing. Most of us use social networks and feeds to find interesting content and stay updated. We are also working on building the next generation of personal messaging. With a focus on privacy, security and security, we have added features such as video chat, voice messages, stories and payments to WhatsApp and Messenger. ,

WhatsApp communities are built to make it easier for all group chats to organize and get information. You will be able to bring different groups together in a community. These can be school groups, religious groups, business or office groups. This will help you organize and manage your conversations.

During online study or work from home, we need to form different groups. Now with the help of the new feature, these different groups can be brought into one community.

32 people can join group voice call
WhatsApp has said that it is going to introduce the facility of connecting up to 32 people in group voice calls and sharing files up to two gigabytes. At this time 8 people can be added in a group voice call and up to 1 GB of file can be shared.

Apart from this, this app is also giving the facility to the admin of the chat group to delete any message at any time. The deleted message will not be visible to any other group member.

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