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WhatsApp has changed the color scheme in India also. A new color scheme has started appearing in the app.

The company keeps updating WhatsApp with new features every day, providing users with a sense of freshness in the messenger. A significant change has recently been implemented in WhatsApp Messenger regarding its color scheme. Previously, WhatsApp Messenger on iOS utilized a blue theme, but now it has transitioned to a green color theme. This change has also been applied to Android, where the color scheme has been enhanced to be more visually appealing than before.

The new color scheme has also been introduced in WhatsApp for users in India. The interface now displays in a different shade of green, aiming to provide users with a modern and refreshed experience. Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, states that this update is intended to make the app more user-friendly and accessible. The company mentions in a statement that they have revamped the look and feel of WhatsApp, adjusting spacing, colors, and icons to enhance usability.

The latest WhatsApp update has been rolled out for both iOS and Android users. In Android, the green shade appears to be brighter than before, while iPhone users previously saw a blue color theme, which has now been replaced with the green scheme. Additionally, the dark mode has been intensified compared to previous versions.

Regarding recent updates concerning WhatsApp, the company has made significant statements regarding its operations in India. WhatsApp recently declared in the Delhi High Court that if it is compelled to remove encryption, it will cease its operations and exit India. This issue is connected to new IT rules, against which WhatsApp and Facebook have jointly filed a petition in the Delhi High Court. Meta-owned WhatsApp argues that removing encryption could jeopardize user privacy, hence their firm stance against such measures.


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