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WhatsApp has a new update! What is Meta AI? Know how to use it

Meta Ownership WhatsApp recently announced its artificial intelligence system Meta AI and said that it will soon be available for users. Let us tell you that this feature Meta AI has already arrived for common users.

What is Meta AI

If the icon of Meta AI is not visible on your WhatsApp, then you can also update your app by going to Google Play Store. Let us tell you that it will reach all the users very soon. It will compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini. With the help of Meta AI, AI assistant can be used without closing the app. Along with this, users can search and ask important questions etc. as per their need. With the help of this feature, users can do planning etc.

How to use it

Actually, using Meta AI is very easy. You can use it in any chat i.e. personal or group chat. Users just have to write @Meta AI in their chat, after that they can ask their question or do searching etc. In such a situation, users will not have to close WhatsApp for searching.

What can Meta AI do

According to the information, Meta AI is a virtual assistant that answers all your questions. It will clear all your confusions, can plan trips, give you suggestions and can also write your codes. It is worth noting that Meta AI gives answers only in English.


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