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Whatsapp Feature: Now give your special contact number your favorite ringtone; Someone will know the message without looking at the phone

WhatsApp is the most popular app. Most messages are sent through other social media. As a result, WhatsApp gradually introduces new features to its users. WhatsApp has recently launched a payment feature. Money can be transacted through this medium. Now WhatsApp has brought a new feature for users. Now you can keep your favorite ringtone for a special contact number. So, even if hundreds of messages are received, it will be known from the ringtone that the message of your loved one has been received without looking at the mobile.

Set ringtone like this

  • First you need to open WhatsApp.
  • Open the chat of the contact whose ringtone you want to set.
  • When you open Chat, you will see three dots on the right side.
  • Click on the three dots option, here you will see the View option.
  • Click on View option, here you will see the notification option.
  • In the notification you will see the option of custom notification. Click on it.
  • Check the Custom Notifications check box.
  • You can select a ringtone from your phone as soon as you tick this option.
  • This option allows you to set any ringtone you want for a specific contact.
  • Additionally, you can change the ringtone of any group if you wish.

Using this feature, you can recognize contacts only by voice notification without having to pick up the phone again. You can also do this to separate the office group.

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